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Design Square offers its clients branding and design strategy, visual brand identity & allied creative implementation. Our ‘design thinkers’ from different worlds come together to provide effective & captivating designs & strategy solutions. We pride ourselves on designing intelligent, simple & well thought out ideas that are stunning yet effective.

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Mission: We believe in offering right solutions across the board. We achieve this through collaborative partnerships with an ultimate objective:

  • To become an extended arm of our clients
  • To focus on achieving commercial objectives resulting in successful businesses


Passionate About Design: Our team lives, eats & breathe design. We work with our clients to understand the full scope and aim of each project, enabling us to provide the most appropriate solution.

Efficient Execution: We believe in delivering what is promised & have the infrastructure & sound processes to back it.

Quick Turnaround Time: We strongly believe in responding to individual priorities earlier than stipulated timelines.

Key Members @ Design Square

We are a close-knit group deeply committed to creative design solutions with a difference. Our diverse backgrounds and experiences combine to create a pool of high quality design inspiration, strategy and ideas. Our key members are as follows:

  • Payal

    Founder &
    Creative Head

  • Ritu

    Brand &
    Marketing Strategist

  • Shradha


  • Sneha

    Sr. Designer

  • Rahul


Payal is a postgraduate in multimedia and graphics from Middlesex University, London with over 11 years of work experience in lndian and European markets. Till 2010, she was working as creative group head at a design consultancy in Mumbai where she handled brands like Fiat India, Tata, Amul, Colgate, Future Group, Parle, Raymonds, Kwality, Haagen Daz and General Mills. Realizing the need to add more value to the world of branding and design, she founded Design Square in 2011 with like-minded people.

Ritu holds a MBA degree in marketing. She is an experienced brand strategist, & a senior client/account professional, with a wide experience base of more than ten years across various industries.

Shradha Shah (MBA), has been in the profession of copywriting since the last seven years in the advertising industry.

Sneha has over 7 years of work experience in design and has been handling all graphic and digital design services across various industries

Rahul is an experienced strategist, with more than 17 years across brands, films & entertainment properties. He has worked with brands like Channel V, Sony Play station, Fame Cinemas to name a few.

from concept to completion

We offer a gamut of services from logo designing, branding, website design, signage, packaging to restaurant graphics. By taking the creative from concept to completion, we assure consistently well designed, managed & implemented solutions that help your brands communicate, engage & grow.


Brand Name,
Corporate & Individual Brand Creation,
Brand Manual,
360° Brand Communication & Strategy


Brochures, Invites,
Planners, Calendars,
Leaflets & Direct Mailers


Product Launch,
Product Revamp &
Fine Tuning


Point of Sale, Posters, Point of Purchase & Displays


UI/UX, Websites,
Infographics, E-mailers, & Explainer Videos


Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO services & Online Strategy


Pre/Post Brand Communication,
Stall Design + Graphics


Logo, Menu Card, Wall Graphics & Promotional Touch Points


Customised design & execution for Corporate Gifting


Media Planning, Buying
& PR


Redesign, Tweak & New Design


Brand, Communication & Design


A design speaks of your brand, your mission & core value. Fashionable or serious, cool, hip, trendy or focused, each of our designs are different & specially created to help find ‘a voice’ & connect better with target audiences.

Logo & Stationery

Navkar Lifespace

When Navkar, a Mumbai based real estate developer, changed its philosophy from not just redeveloping landscapes, but redesigning lives, the logo, brand communications and website had to be reshaped as well to highlight the brands attributes.

In Indian scriptures, the ‘Navkar’ mantra is a powerful initiation mantra, thus the logo revamp design signifies faith urging people to start their journey with Navkar.

Adopting a friendly and approachable stance and welcoming new people into its fold, the logo created in red signifies movement and power (within its industry) as well. We also designed their corporate identity, brochure design and social media.

Logo & Stationery

Legal Saarthi

We created a new logo for Legal Saarthi, a legal advisory firm. Named after Krishna in the Mahabharata, the term ‘Saarthi’ connotes an advisor.

A visual cornerstone for the brand, the logo visually had to imply a contemporary look at the Saarthi, keeping in relevance modern times.

We wanted to make the brand emotionally distinctive with instant recall, setting it apart from competitors. The logo also infers trust, friendliness and loyalty. The website created by us for the brand also infers the above qualities.

Marketing Collaterals

Sunrise Naturals

A brochure tells your story, introduces your brand and is a glimpse into company culture. Sunrise Naturals, manufactures and exports fresh fruit pulp but their previous brochure lacked the freshness, creativity and USPS of their product.

The brand denotes sun-kissed fruits which we brought in by using images full of vitality and sun sparkle. Also the brand prides itself on the natural quality of its product so the content was rewritten in a zingy fresh manner. The entire brochure was formatted in an international stylised manner to appeal to global audiences.

Marketing Collaterals

All Seasons

Interestingly done, we took away the ‘catalogue’ feel for this shirt exporter by doing a photo shoot, where we played around with the product presentation.

The idea was to engage the audience by way of catchy captions, funky colour coding and classy memorable graphics.

The graphics denoted the product is hand stiched (e.g. Thimble, Needle etc) thus adding a fashionable feel to the whole project.

Websites Design

Child First

While content, SEO and navigation are the three pillars of a good website, it’s the graphics and the brand consistency that hold the show together and add the ‘wow’ factor.

Made for parents and teachers, this colourful child oriented application website, was created with catchy captions, easy to use app features and simple navigation. The idea was to portray the brand as a reliable friend and a user friendly go-to option.

Website Design

Luminosity Pictures

A website’s design is crucial for the site visitor to decide whether to stay and act or leave. A website not only has to look good but should create trust and guide visitors to take action.

Luminosity Pictures specialises in marketing and distribution of high quality feature films and documentaries in India and globally.

We did a complete website revamp making the design more professional, modern, logical and consistent. Our idea was to cut out the clutter, be concept-driven and make the interface engaging, bolder, user friendly and fun.

Packaging Graphics

Sugar Free Natura ‘Sweet Drops’

A typical customer scans one item in just one tenth of a second in a supermarket! Which is why product packaging is integral to brand experience. In a fraction of a second it creates impact, attracts attention and gives meaning and delight to the end consumer.

In a cluttered segment, Sugar Free Natura launched a sub-brand ‘Sweet Drops’, which was sucralose in liquid form. The unique offering stood out thanks to an ergonomic bottle redesign by us which was user friendly and attractive to use.

The overall packaging was given a trendy makeover focussing on the bottle redesign, attractive graphics (specially shot at a photo shoot), the attributes of the product and the signature yellow colour for instant recall.

Product Design & Graphics

Aptar Beauty + Home

Customers are drawn to products that look good. Something that is well designed and interesting is bound to attract more than a product that is poorly designed and looks bland. 

Designing for Aptar Beauty + Home was an interesting experience as Aptar is a solution partner for packaging delivery systems to the Beauty, Personal Care and Home Care markets.

Created keeping in mind Aptar’s clean and minimalistic brand approach, the packaging design, done by us in white, signifies purity, lends an air of professionalism, sophistication and timelessness to the entire B2B sales and information kit.

Packaging Graphics

Alpets Pet Food Packaging

With 70% of purchase decisions being made at point of purchase, packaging needs to not only grab the consumers attention but also influence them into a purchase.

To break away from the visual clutter in the pet foods segment, the brand changed its focus from dogs to the actual food, thus creating a complete redesign of visual identity.

Creatively done in black, the eye-catching design is at once impactful and creative.

Retail Visibility


A strong integrated marketing communication strategy will continue to sell a product 24/7 on the shelf as well as in the purchaser’s home.

We took a big-picture approach, from identity, packaging to retail design for Alpids breathing a new life into the brand. Along with the box packaging, Design Square also designed inventive standees, backdrops, tent cards and leaflets for the brand.

Retail Visibility

Mccain Frozen Foods

An integral part of increasing a company’s public visibility, retail is an extension of your identity – the first impression a prospective client has of your brand. Visual appeal plays a fundamental part promoting communication of ideas, by stimulating aesthetic senses and increasing a feeling of connection.

Mccain is India’s most visible and recognisable frozen food brand! We take pride in having designed the retail visibility for the brand by creating all its promotional material. 

Stall Design

Sunrise Naturals

When an exhibitor participates in an exhibition, one of the most important things is to standout from the competitive masses. Graphics are an essential element of your stand design and when used correctly, they help attract high visitor footfall and prevent your exhibition stall from fading out in the crowd.

Using appropriate and compelling graphics to communicate your brand’s key message can bring in more prospective clients to your exhibition stall. Also, appealing graphics help add character to the exhibition stall design.

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